25 + 26 May — Brussels
What is THE CRAFT?

Imagine tapping directly into the brain of one of the world's busiest, most commercial mentalists.
These special intimate events will give you unprecedented access to Ken Dyne's knowledge of performance, stagecraft and showmanship. Then learn how to get booked for the gigs you want to be perform at, as often as you'd like as well as how to turn this hobby into a business (part-time or full time).
Join us for either day, or if you're really serious about this art why not take advantage of the special 2 Day Pass?
Only 35 tickets available!

Day 1

Performance Craft

Learn the stagecraft, the staging and voice techniques that Ken brings from his professional theatre training and 16 years of professional performance to give your performances more impact and theatricality.
For the very first time, Ken Dyne will pull back the curtain and share with you practical approaches to:
  • Structuring Your Show
  • Humour and Comedy
  • Premise and Presentation
  • Stage Craft, Prop Management, Space Usage
  • Voice and Vocal Technique
  • Routine Selection, Presentation and Originality Character
This session is perfect for magicians and mentalists who want to take their performances to an entirely new level.

Day 2

Business and Marketing Craft

How can you adapt the skills you have as a performer to running and successful business with the quantity and type of gigs you want?
Create a precise strategy to get your act in front of more audiences. Ken shares the exact systems that have made him a full-time professional performer for 16+ years.
  • Identifying the perfect gigs for you
  • How to market yourself and book gigs
  • Contracts, getting paid and 'keeping yourself legal'
This session is perfect for you whether you are starting and want to get things right from the start, or have been doing this a while and want to be at the cutting edge of what is working right now to book more of the gigs you want. (And regardless of whether you want to be part time or full time).

Only 35 Tickets Available Per Day!
All tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. All sales are final and are non-refundable in all circumstances.